Social Security Disability – Don’t Mess Around, Get Help

I don’t know if this will reach anyone who could use the advice, but I want to give everyone a heads up: don’t fill out your Social Security disability paperwork on your own.

I consider myself a pretty hip grandma. Since I have time on my hands since I got injured, I’ve gotten into all sorts of cool things. I started blogging for instance. I keep up with all the Hollywood gossip. I watch a lot of CW. I try to stay up to date on what my grandkids care about.

I never saw myself as the scarf knitting sort of old lady. I wanted to be out in the world until the day I died. Since that’s no longer possible, I want to still be part of the world, not locked away, listening to old records and dreaming about the old days. If my body can’t keep up, my mind still can.

So, being so with it, and so good at Google, I figured I could fill out my paperwork for my Social Security disability. After all, I’ve done the taxes for my family for thirty years. I was always the one to fill out the paperwork for everything. Why wouldn’t I be able to handle this?

Well, it’s complicated, that’s why. It took me by surprise, but being a proud and stubborn old granny, I decided I’d do it anyway. I wasn’t going to ask for help.

That attitude got me rejected and left me a little short on finances for a few months until I finally broke down and talked to a family friend who happens to be a lawyer. He put me in touch with some people who helped me out for very cheap. They were very nice, and I even went all traditional grandma and baked them some cookies for it.

I want to send this warning out there for any of the other hip grandmas and grandpas out there who might happen to come across this because, apparently, this is a really common problem. I read that something like two-thirds of people are rejected when applying for Social Security disability. I bet a lot of those people need it more than I do.

I’m actually pretty comfortable, even when I’m short. I have a lovely family that pitches in and helps me out all the time. I have a one-floor house with an open floor plan, so while I’m confined, I can still get around relatively easily at home. I don’t have that much to worry about if the checks don’t come for a month or two.

But others, hip or not, don’t have that luxury. So, if you’re one of those people without the luxury of trying and failing on this process, don’t get all stubborn like I did. Just get a lawyer (or a really clever relative with a good, reliable, young brain) to help you out. Don’t mess around with this stuff.